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Product Upgrade Downloads

The upgrade process for all Mailgate products installs over the existing setup and will not change or lose any of your current settings. You may be required to reboot your machine after upgrading.

POPWeasel version: 2.0.31
Update release for all POPWeasel 2.0 systems.
Click here to review the release notes.

Note for POPWeasel 1.0 users:
If your licence number is 3710 or below you will need first to purchase an upgrade key from our distributor, Open Access.
With POPWeasel 2.0 you get these new features:
      User definable routing rules
      Real-time event log viewer
Note - Before you upgrade, please take a note of your POP collection settings and after upgrading to POPWeasel 2.0, be sure to review these settings.

MailGate version: 3.5.177
Update release for all version 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 systems.
With MailGate 3.5 the download file includes all the current extension modules (except the list server) to simplify the install process. When you run the installer you can select which extensions to install and to remove an extension simply re-run the installer and deselect the module no longer required.

Extensions licences can be purchased individually or enable all the modules with a single licence by purchasing a Corporate Licence Pack.

Included in this release are :-
    Mail Manager Extension: 1.0.15
    Anti-Spam Filter: 1.0.32
    Anti-Virus Extension: 1.2.41
    Mail to Fax Extension: 1.0.33
    Extended Logging Extension: 1.0.3

About This Release ...
MailGate Server - This version includes fixes to all known problems found to date. Also included is the Message Viewer utility that allows viewing and management of mail messages on the server.

Remote Web Based Admin - This version includes support for our new Web Admin Module, the current release of this extension is now available in the Beta area and will be regularly updated with additional features.

Extended Logging - This extension adds a two additional log files to your system that will log all traffic through MailGate. The log file format is designed to interface to a powerful new analysis tool - Net-alyzer for MailGate or can be used with your own analysis tools. More...

Mail Manager - This extension adds a powerful rules based mail manipulation capability to your system. More...

Upgrades to existing 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 systems will simply over-install without any change to your settings.
For all earlier versions, you may need to purchase an upgrade licence key. Please contact your reseller or Open Access for further details.

Click here to review the product release notes

Note - if you are upgrading a version of MailGate earlier than 3.3, please check out these upgrade notes.

Support for upgrading MailGate is available by e-mail from support@mailgate.com

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