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Aladesc for Home Users

A Comprehensive personal organiser application that includes diary and contact system for handling e-mails, a task manager and other tools. The Family version adds planners and bulletin boards with individual mailboxes (up to 8 in total) with secure logins. Appointments, tasks, etc. can optionally be copied to other diaries.

Aladesc Personal
‘Organize your life’ with Aladesc Personal. A superb application for the individual with a busy life style who needs a way of getting and staying organized. Aladesc Personal has all the features you need:
  • Comprehensive Diary including a daily chronicle
  • Task Manager
  • Powerful Contact System
  • Email System complete with a powerful rules engine
  • Email Filters
  • Web Browser
  • Quick Launch with different Desktops
  • Tools like a Notepad and Calculator
  • Reports & Enquiries
  • Full Password Protection
  • Full Spell Checking

Aladesc Family
‘Harmonize your Family’ with Aladesc Family. This version takes all the great features from Aladesc Personal and adds to them with:
  • Planners - Use these for the family’s vacations, the kid’s football and baseball games plus all the other activities that families need to keep track of.
  • Bulletin Boards - Make use of these to record information on any topic that is of interest to the family. Use them as the basis of the ‘Family Meeting’ and make sure everyone gets to have their say.
  • Alerts - Send other members of the family electronic alerts to remind them that their friends have called, that they need to clean their room or any other message you need to be sure they get.
Plus Aladesc Family also enhances some of the other great features of Aladesc Personal:
  • Each family member has his or her own ‘secure’ login
  • Each family member has their own mailbox
  • Appointments can be copied to other diaries
  • Assign Tasks to other members of the family!
  • Record activities against your contacts
And all the information in Aladesc Family can be shared, if you want to, with other members of the family.

A 30-day evaluation download is available through Open Access and you can buy online.

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