SpamWeasel Free

This freeware utility will delete or archive spam and place an optional warning notice on any suspect spam mail it allows through to your inbox.

It has been superseded by SpamWeasel Pro which embodies feedback from the many thousands of users of the Free product who asked us for an enhanced utility to defeat the more sophisticated techniques used by spammers, and one that was easier to install. The low-cost Pro product has superior spam trapping ability, an installation Wizard that takes you through the installation and registration process, and it allows a free 30-day evaluation period.

The Free program needs to be manually installed and, like the Pro product, is pre-configured to collect mail from multiple POP accounts using rules that permit passing, blocking, labeling, deleting, archiving, viewing, sorting and forwarding suspect spam. It works with any standard POP3 client.

Unfortunately we are unable to answer support questions on the Free product (the Pro product come with free email support) but there are downloadable manuals including SpamWeasel Free: The Crash Dummy's Guide and an FAQ area for both SpamWeasel products, as well as a User Forum.

  • Highly configurable
  • Archive viewing
  • Mail management
  • Free of charge
SpamWeasel Free is free for single users. You can download and register the product on this site. You will be prompted to register it, although registration is not necessary for its normal operation.

NB. If you want to protect your MailGate server from spam you will need to use our Anti-Spam Extension Module.

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