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Welcome to a Spam-Free Universe!

The authors of MailGate are pleased to bring you SpamWeasel Pro, protecting your mailbox from unwanted junk mail.

Our other products include MailGate, an integrated mail server and proxy Internet gateway; POPWeasel, adding low cost POP3 mail collection for SMTP servers like MS Exchange; and Modular Extensions to MailGate that include virus checking, anti-spam, and mail-to-fax.

Looking for inexpensive Family Groupware? Check this great new product out!

Mailgate Ltd is a UK company dedicated to developing best of breed Internet communication software.

"Meeting the needs of small and medium-sized organisations for Internet Access & Email services"

About Registering SpamWeasel

SpamWeasel Pro
To access the SpamWeasel Pro registration system, please click here.

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