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SpamWeasel Support Issues

Pocomail configuration

1 Click on Tools | Acounts Setup.

2 On the screen that appears, select your account from the left-hand pane, and this will show your current settings.

3 At the end of the "Username" field, type an "@" sign, followed by the contents of the "POP/IMAP Server" field. Next, change the "POP/IMAP Server" field to "". Click OK to apply the settings.

Note: Make sure that the "Use Authentication" box to the right of the SMTP Server field is not checked.

You may wish to change the timeout setting in your e-mail client. More information on why this may be required can be found here.

To change the timeout settings, click on Tools | Options.

... Select "Network Settings" from the left-hand side. You can increase the timeout setting here.

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