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MailGate Support Issues

Q. How do I set up MailGate to proxy RealPlayer 8
A. Realplayer 8 can be set up to work via the HTTP proxy.

Warning - Enabling Real Player to run in the System tray could initiate unwanted proxy connections. With a dial-up connection this could lead to some large phone bills.

RealPlayer setup
In the RealPlayer application on the client machine, click View | Preferences and select the Connection tab. Set the normal and maximum bandwidth to suit your LAN.

...next, select the proxy tab, and select either "Use my Web browser's HTTP proxy" or select "Manually configure HTTP proxy" and specify the IP address of the MailGate machine and the HTTP port (usually 80) as shown in the fields below:

...next, select the Transport tab, select "Use specified transports"...

...click the RTSP Settings button, and configure as below:

...click OK, then click the PNA Settings button, and configure as below:

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