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MailGate Support Issues

Q. I keep getting "Winsock is out of buffer space (10055)", what's wrong?
A. TCP/IP stacks have buffers to store incoming/outgoing data, socket error 10055 (Winsock is out of buffer space) signifies a lack of free buffers. This error occurs with excessive or looping IP transactions, causing the IP stack to become overloaded.

A common cause of this problem is when you enter the IP address of the LAN card on MailGate into the "Use ISP proxy server" box in the Web settings. This causes a loop which overloads the IP stack.
If you have done this, click on Gateway | Setup | The Web tab, and delete the IP address from the "Use ISP proxy server" field.

The "Use ISP proxy server" section should only contain the address of your ISP's proxy server, eg. "www-cache.whatever.net". If this is not available then it can be left blank.

If the above setting is not the cause of the problem, look for other areas where looping may occur such as your TCP/IP configuration -- especially the Default Gateway setting. Also check what other applications are running on the machine that MailGate is on, or what applications are connecting to MailGate from client machines. It could be that an application is causing a large number of sockets to be opened.

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