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Q. Can MailGate be set up to work with the Customs & Excise Intrastat system?
A. Yes, this can be achieved with a Custom Proxy. From the MailGate menu bar, click on Edit, New, Custom Proxy, and set up as below:

1) Once you have installed the necessary download from the Customs & Excise Website, go to the path you installed the file to, e.g. "C:\IntraStatApp\IntraStatApp.html".
2) Next you will need to edit the IntraStatApp.html file (select the file by clicking on it, hold down the SHIFT key and right-click on the file, select "Open With" from the list, and choose Notepad).
3) Find the line:
"<param name=Host_Address value=>"
and change the value to the IP address of the machine MailGate is running on.

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