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MailGate Support Issues

Q. Why does the address entered into the 'Bind port to local interfaces' field in the Custom Proxy screen disappear?
A. The 'Bind port' entry can be used in two different modes. By default, when you access the screen, it displays the settings for mode 1 but if the check box is checked, the screen changes to display the settings for mode 2. See below for the differences between the types of 'binding'.

Mode 1 - Bind to multiple addresses.

The mode 1 settings do not bind the service to an IP address in the truest sense. This setting is an internal MailGate binding which allows for the defined service port to only be accessed through the specified IP address(es). To use Mode 1, ensure the 'Bind port' check box is not checked and enter the address(es) you wish the service to be available through. In use, MailGate will listen on ALL address(es) for port traffic, but will only accept traffic into this Custom Proxy via the defined address(es). On multi-homed machines it is acceptable to define more than one Custom Proxy using the same service port, provided each proxy is bound to a different set of IP addresses.

Mode 2 - Bind to single address.

The mode 2 settings do fully bind the service port to the specified IP address and MailGate only listens on this address.
To use mode 2, ensure the 'Bind port' check box is checked, then enter the address to bind to in the address box.
Using mode 2 will allow the service port to be used by other applications, provided they too can be bound to their own IP addresses.

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