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MailGate Support Issues

Q. I have an application that needs direct Internet access, can I use this with MailGate?
A. If you have an application that isn't proxy aware, and requires direct access to the Internet, a connection can usually be achieved by running the application over Socks, a protocol for client/server environments.

How Socks works
The principle is that MailGate makes a connection to the application server for the client. MailGate relays data between the client and the applications server. From the application server's perspective, MailGate is the client.
When a client wants to make a connection to an application server, the client connects to MailGate. The application server's address and port number are passed to MailGate via a proxy protocol. MailGate then connects to the application server. once the connection to the application server is established, MailGate relays data between the client and the applications server.

MailGate Setup
For MailGate to accept Socks connections from the client machines you'll need to enable the MailGate Socks server.

To do this, click on Gateway | Setup, and select the Socks tab. Enable either version 4 or 5 (5 is recommended).

Client Machine Setup
Each client machine using an application that requires Socks access will need to have a Socks client installed on it.

There are two particular third-party Socks clients that we recommend, FAQs with download and installation instructions for either of these can be found here:

Hummingbird Socks Client

SocksCap Socks Client

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