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MailGate Support Issues

Q. MailGate occupies all available processor time, what's wrong?
A. This problem generally occurs with a mail loop.

For version 3.2
One thing not advisable in version 3.2 (which will most certainly cause a loop) is to set an auto-reply on the postmaster/default mailbox. If MailGate sends any system messages, such as "unable to contact POP server", these get sent to the default mailbox. All system generated e-mail messages have a reply address of just "mailgate". If the mailbox is set to auto-reply, then the system message will go to the outgoing queue, and will not be able to get sent as it has no domain name. This in itself will cause yet another system error message, which will create the same procedure again and again.

Also, if you are sending large e-mail's (around 1MB), you'll need to apply patch 901. This patch fixes some known memory problems, and fixes an issue concerning large e-mail's. Please contact support@mailgate.com for information on how to obtain the patch.

For version 3.3+
You can change the system e-mail address to suit your needs.
  1. Click on Gateway|Setup|e-mail tab.
  2. Set "System address" to the e-mail address you want MailGate system messages to be sent from.
  3. Set "System reports to" to the address you wish MailGate system messages to get sent to. This then becomes the default mailbox.
Either of those addresses can be mailbox names or full e-mail addresses.

If you need to have system reports sent to the default mailbox, and also require an auto-reply, try the following:
  1. Set the "System address" to system@yourdomain.com
  2. Create a mailbox called "system"
  3. Check the "delete incoming" box in the "system" mailbox
This will ensure that auto-replies to system reports are accepted into the default mailbox, and are harmlessly deleted when automatically replied to.

For all versions of MailGate

Make sure that you haven't set a mailbox to auto-forward to another mailbox with auto-reply set, as this will cause a loop.

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