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Q. How do I set up the Sophos Auto-Update function with the Anti-Virus Extension?
A. If you subscribe to the Sophos e-mail notification service you will receive an e-mail whenever a new IDE (virus update file) is available (for more information concerning this visit Sophos.com or contact Sophos direct).
When MailGate recieves an e-mail notification from Sophos it can run the auto-update facility. To set this up follow the instructions below.

Note: If you haven't already installed Sophos and the MailGate Anti-Virus Extension then follow the instructions in the FAQ here.

Setting up the auto-update components
  1. On the machine running MailGate, create a directory in the root of your C drive named "sav_up" (eg. "C:\sav_up").
  2. Find the Sget.exe utility on the Sophos CD (in the Tools directory) or download from Sophos.com.
  3. Place Sget.exe in the "C:\sav_up" directory.
  4. Find a command line unzip utility (eg. pkunzip).
  5. Place the unzip utility in the "C:\sav_up" directory.
  6. Move the sav_up.bat file from "C\:Program Files\Mailgate" to the "C:\sav_up" directory.
  7. Edit the Anti-Virus Extension in MailGate and on the "Auto Update" tab check the "Enable auto update" box, set the "Then run the following command" field to "C:\sav_up\sav_up.bat".
Setting up the sav_up.bat file
You'll need to make some changes to the sav_up.bat file depending on the Sophos installation method you implemented. To edit the batch file, right click on it and select "Edit".

Any lines within the batch file beginning with "rem" are "remarks", and are not executed. The batch file commands start by deleting any current IDE's from the C:\sav_up directory, then call the Sophos Sget utility to collect new IDE's:

rem Change to the update working directory

rem Clear out last set of update files
if exist *.ide del *.ide
if exist ides.zip del ides.zip
if exist failed.txt del failed.txt

rem Collect a new set of IDE's from Sophos and un-zip
sget http://www.sophos.com/downloads/ide/ides.zip
if not exist ides.zip goto err1
pkunzip ides.zip 1
if not exist *.ide goto err2

1) Or whatever command is required for the zip utility you're using.

After these commands you'll see some directory-update scripts such as..

rem Update routine for NT central install area
cd\program files\sophos sweep for nt\ntinst\i386 1
copy \sav_up\*.ide 2
setup /update /ni 3

1) Changes to the directory where the IDE's require updating.
2) Copies the IDE files downloaded by Sget into the current directory.
3) Runs Sophos setup application.

You can copy this directory-update script format for any of the directories Sophos uses, the batch file contains a few pre-written examples. You'll need to check which directories your Sophos installation requires IDE files to be saved to and change line (1) to suit.
For example, if you're using Sophos on Win95/98 you'll need to save the IDE's to "C:\sweep". In this case the Sophos setup application isn't required and line (3) is removed:

rem Update DOS install area (used for MailGate on Win95/98)
copy \sav_up\*.ide

Note: You can create a shortcut to the sav_up.bat file on your desktop if you wish to trigger a manual update.

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