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MailGate Support Issues

Q. Why do I get multiple copies of certain e-mails?
A. The most likely cause of this is where an e-mail is sent with many addresses in the To or Cc fields, some of which are not addressed to your domain.

If MailGate is routing mail via the To or Cc headers in an e-mail, by default it will attempt to route a copy of the e-mail to mailboxes for all addresses in those fields.
Any addresses that can't be routed to a mailbox will end up either returned to the sender, or delivered to a specified mailbox (according to the settings in Gateway | Setup | Domains tab).

To get around this problem you can specifically inform MailGate to only route e-mail addresses that are for your domain:

1) In MailGate, click on Gateway | Setup | POP tab, and edit your account.
2) In the "Address Filter Patterns" field, type in *@<yourdomain(s)> (as below).

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