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Q. Can I use SmartFTP with MailGate?
A. "This is the only client that I have found that will cope with dropped lines as introduced with [ISP's that have time-limited connections] and will continue to download large files such as 650MB Linux CD ISO images over a dial-up connection." - Robert Finch
  1. Click on Tools | Settings, and you'll see the "Settings" window (this also appears automatically after you first install SmartFTP).

    LiveUpdate main screen

  2. In the "Type" area, select "USER user@host. Make sure the "PASV mode" box is not checked.

  3. In the "Options" area, set the "Host" field to the IP address of the machine MailGate is running on. Set the "Port" field to the FTP port MailGate uses (in MailGate, click on Gateway | Setup | FTP tab to check the port - usually 21). Make sure the "Login to proxy/firewall" box is not checked.
SmartFTP can be downloaded from www.smartftp.com. Our thanks to Robert for this information.

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