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Q. Why isn't MailGate updating Sophos Anti-Virus anymore?
A. As of Monday, 25 March 2002, Sophos made some enhancements and changes to their e-mail notification service. E-mail notifications now come from a different e-mail address than previously used.

Previously, e-mail notifications arrived from the following "FROM" address:

FROM: Sophos Alert System <listmaster@sophos.com>

From Monday, 25 March 2002 the "FROM" address on e-mail notifications will be:

FROM: Sophos Alert System <notification-return@lists.sophos.com>

If you're using the MailGate Virus Scanner Extension with Sophos then you will need to edit the settings on the Auto Update tab.
  1. Double-click on the Virus Scanner Extension.
  2. Select the Auto Update tab.
  3. In the "If message recieved from:" field, type the address *sophos.com.
Virus Scanner Auto Update tab

For more information go to www.sophos.com/support/faqs/listchange.html

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