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MailGate Support Issues

Q. Can MailGate route mail sent as BCC?
A. Due to the nature of how mail servers route mail, mail sent as a BCC generally can't be delivered into the correct mailbox.

Mail servers route by the header fields within the e-mail (such as TO, CC, Envelope-To:, etc.). With a BCC mail the recipients e-mail address is not included in the header fields (which is why it's reffered to as a BLIND CC).

When a BCC mail is sent, the software sends it to the e-mail address specified, and it get's stored in the recipients POP account with the ISP. If this is a single user's account then the user will be able to collect it without problems as it will not have to be routed. However, if this is a catch-all company account the mail will need to be routed to individual mailboxes, and without the recipient's e-mail address in any header fields there will be no way of doing so.

Some ISP's will add their own header field to the e-mail and place the intended recipient's e-mail address there, you can check the header fields in the e-mail to see if this is the case. If such a field exists then you may be able to get MailGate to route BCC mail by specifying the header field containing that information.

Changing the header field that MailGate routes by
  1. Click on Gateway | Setup.
  2. Select the "POP" tab, and edit your account.
  3. In the field labeled "custom header field for routing", enter the header field that contains the recipient's address (e.g. "Delivered-To:")

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