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MailGate Support Issues

Q. How do I set up MailGate with my news client?
A. Instructions on setting up MailGate with standard news clients can be found below:

GENERAL NOTE: For News to operate correctly with MailGate TCP/IP must be installed and configured correctly on both the MailGate machine and on all Workstations.

You will need to know the TCP/IP address or the HOST name of the MailGate server.

News Clients

There's a general point about client software running through a MailGate custom proxy that administrators need to be aware of: System Timeouts.

In simple terms this means that operations such as downloading a list of newsgroups to a workstation may result in a system timeout at the MailGate server: to the user this looks like the ISP's remote server has failed to deliver the material correctly. If you find your users reporting that they are unable to get a full list of news groups, or that they are unable to download large texts or long message files correctly then, for the relevant Custom Proxy Settings, try resetting the Proxy Idle Timeout from 120 seconds to 240 seconds or more.

Anawave Gravity:
View Menu, Options. Select Setup tab.

Enter name of MailGate server or its IP address.
Enter name of your mail server.

Forte Free Agent:
Options menu, General Preferences, System tab.

Enter name of MailGate server or its IP address.
Enter name of your mail server.

News Stand:
Tools menu, Options and on the Connections tab select "Use a LAN connection". Then on the Network tab enter the MailGate server name or IP address under the "Host News Server" entry.

News via Browsers

Internet Explorer:
View menu, Options, Programs tab to determine which application is configured as the default Newsreader. This application will need to be correctly configured to point at the MailGate News proxy server.

Netscape Communicator 4:
Edit menu, Preferences, select Mail & Groups and highlight the Groups Server item.

Netscape 4 Preferences Dialog Box

Enter the name of the MailGate server as the Discussion Groups (News) Server.

Netscape Navigator 3:
Options menu, Mail & News Preferences, select Servers tab and enter the name of the MailGate Server.

Netscape 3 Preferences Dialog Box

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