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Q. How do I set up MailGate to securely allow incoming SMTP from remote users and an ISP SMTP feed?
A. If you recieve your incoming mail via an SMTP feed from your ISP, and you also have remote users that need to send mail via your MailGate server, you can ensure that spammers are not able to relay through your server by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Gateway | Advanced Setup.

  2. Click on the 'SMTP Server' button, and make sure that both fields are blank.

  3. Select the 'Bindings' tab, and make sure that the 'SMTP Server' field is blank.

  4. Select the 'SMTP Relay' tab.

    MailGate SMTP relay settings

  5. In the 'Allow' field, type in an asterisk (*).

  6. Set the 'Authentication mode' to 'Any MailGate user/pass'.

  7. Check the 'Authentication required for valid IP -> external' box.

You will need to set up all e-mail clients, both those on your network and the remote clients, to use SMTP authentication when sending via MailGate. Your ISP should not be affected by this, and should be able to continue sending mail directly to MailGate without authentication.

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