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Q. How do I upgrade MailGate?
A. To upgrade MailGate, do the following:

Before you start
If you have an existing 3.3, 3.4 or 3.5 version of MailGate, upgrading is free of charge. Upgrading from a version earlier than 3.3 requires the purchase of an upgrade license.

More information about upgrading from earlier versions can be found here.

  1. Stop the MailGate service by clicking on the red traffic light icon.

  2. Close MailGate and any other MailGate applications - such as the Log Viewer.

  3. Run the downloaded installation file (mgatex86.exe):

    During installation you will be presented with a list of check boxes for all available extensions. Just check the box(es) for the extension(s) you wish to install. Note, any extensions you don't have a license key for are installed as 30-day trial versions.

    Any extensions that you install should be visable on the 'Extensions' branch on the main window. By default they are not enabled and appear grayed-out; just right-click on them and select the 'Enabled' option to enable them.
Note: Upgrading should not affect your existing settings. If you are concerned, you can always back up your settings beforehand.

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