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Q. How do I set up a POP3 proxy?
A. If you wish to set up a client machine to collect from an external POP account, bypassing MailGate's routing entirely, you can do this as follows:

In MailGate...
  1. Click on Edit | New | Custom proxy.
  2. Give the proxy a Title (e.g. 'POP proxy').
  3. Set the 'This proxy listens on port' field to an unused port number, 1101 for example.
  4. Set the drop-down menu to 'Stream Connections'.
  5. Set the 'Valid requests are passed to' field to the name of your ISP's POP server, and the 'on port' field to '110'.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To initialize the new proxy, stop the MailGate service by clicking on the red traffic light icon, and restart by clicking on the green traffic light icon.
In your e-mail client...
  1. Set the POP and SMTP server as the IP address of MailGate.
  2. Set the POP port to 1101.
  3. Set the account name and password to the ISP account you wish to collect from.
When you send/receive from the e-mail client it will initiate the POP proxy and collect from your account.

You can add multiple POP3 proxies, by setting up new custom proxies with other unused port numbers (e.g. 1102, 1103, etc.).

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