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MailGate Support Issues

Q. How do I set up a VNC proxy?
A. There are two ways that you can proxy VNC through MailGate.

a) Run the viewer through a Socks client.

b) Set up a custom proxy:

In MailGate...
  1. Click on Edit | New | Custom proxy.
  2. Give the proxy a Title (e.g. 'VNC 5900 proxy').
  3. Set the 'This proxy listens on port' field to '5900'.
  4. Set the drop-down menu to 'Stream Connections'.
  5. Set the 'Valid requests are passed to' field to the name of the remote VNC server, and the 'on port' field to '5900'.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To initialize the new proxy, stop the MailGate service by clicking on the red traffic light icon, and restart by clicking on the green traffic light icon.
In the VNC client...
When running the VNC viewer, enter the IP address of the MailGate machine when prompted for the server.

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