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POPWeasel Support Issues

Q. Can POPWeasel work with Exchange 2000?
A. The IMS option is unavailable with Exchange 2000, therefore if you use a dial-up connection you won't be able to use the Exchange scheduler (as described in the Configuration Notes).

In this situation, whether you have a dial-up or routed connection, you'll need to use another method of initiating POPWeasel.

One option is to use the batch file method, which can be found in the POPWeasel manual, in the Documents section.

Making sure Exchange is configured to allow SMTP feeds
1) On the main exchange 2000 window, go to "Servers/Protocols/SMTP/Default SMTP Virtual Server".
2) Right-click on "Default SMTP Virtual Server" and select "Properties".
3) Select the "Access" tab, and click on the "Connection" button.
4) Make sure that you've allowed access to Exchange, then click "OK".
5) Select the "Messages" tab, make sure the settings are correct.

Setting Exchange to accept mail sent to your domain(s)
1) On the main Exchange 2000 window, got to "Recipients/Recipient Policies".
2) Double-click on "Default policy" in the right-hand pane.
3) Select the "E-mail addresses" tab on the Properties window that appears.
4) You'll see a list of domains that Exchange will allow as local recipients.
5) If you don't see all of the domains you collect for, click on "New" and select "SMTP address".
    a) In the "Address" field, enter a domain that you collect for,
        prefixed by an "@" sign (e.g. "@yourdomain.com").
    b) Click "OK".
6) Add any other domains by repeating step #5 (above) for each domain.
7) Click "OK" when finnished.
8) An alert window will appear, asking "Do you want to update all corresponding recipient e-mail addresses to match these new address(es)?", click "Yes".
9) Stop and restart Exchange to reinitialize the settings.

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