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Q. How do I set up POPWeasel to work with Exchange 5.5?
A. For guidance in setting up a POP3 feed to your SMTP server, consult your installation manual. The notes below refer explicitly to MS Exchange Server version 5.5, but will lend an understanding to the setup of any SMTP server requiring a POP3 feed.

POPWeasel may be installed to use MS Exchange Server so that Exchange provides the connection, scheduling and dial-up control. This is managed by the Internet Mail service. If you do not have this service installed, refer to your Exchange documentation for instructions on how to install and configure it.

To setup POPWeasel with Exchange 5.5:

1) Select your site, select Configuration, and then select Connections.

2) Double-click on the Internet Mail Service.

3) On the Dial-up Connections tab, from the Available Connections box, select the connection you wish POPWeasel to collect for.

4) Click on Mail Retrieval for each connection you wish to collect from. In the Mail Retrieval box, select Custom Command, and type in: "C:\program files\weasel\weasel.exe" or whatever your path to weasel.exe is.

NOTE: If you have problems with the connection being dropped while POPWeasel is working, increase the time-out in Exchange in the 'Timeout after' field on the dial-up connections tab in the Internet Mail Service (IMS) configuration dialog.

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