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Q. How can I send log files to Mailgate support?
A. Log files can be e-mailed to the support team manually.

To make sure that full, detailed information is logged, do the following:
  1. Click on Start | Settings | Control Panel | POPWeasel.

  2. Select the 'Logging' tab.
  3. Enabled options have a tick beside them; if you have options that are not ticked, click on them to enable them.

  4. If you had logging items that were not enabled, and you have just enabled them, you may wish to wait for the problem to reoccur before sending the log: this is to ensure that the log contains enough information to determine the problem.
To send the log and/or configuration files:
Log files can be found in the 'log' directory within the main POPWeasel directory (usually "C:\Program Files\Weasel"). The log files are named in date order: PW<yymmdd>.log.

If a log file is particularly large, we would suggest that you zip the file before sending it to us. All support e-mails should be sent to support@mailgate.com.

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