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SpamWeasel Support Issues

Q. How can I get SpamWeasel to work with PC-Cillin?
A. PC-Cillin works in a similar way to SpamWeasel, listening on the POP port and intercepting incoming mail before it's delivered to your e-mail client. As only one application can listen on a port at any one time, you will need to change the port SpamWeasel listens on so that the two products can form a relay:

Your e-mail client sends a POP collection request to SpamWeasel, SpamWeasel sends the request to PC-Cillin, and PC-Cillin requests the collection from your ISP. The mail will be passed back through PC-Cillin and SpamWeasel to your e-mail client.

To set up SpamWeasel and your e-mail client to use another port, check out the FAQ here

E-mail client setup for use with PC-Cillin
Your e-mail client needs to be set up to collect mail from SpamWeasel. SpamWeasel needs to collect mail from PC-Cillin, and PC-Cillin needs to collect mail from your ISP.
You should change your e-mail client settings so it connects to the SpamWeasel POP3 service. This is done by specifying the IP address (the loopback address).
You also need to pass SpamWeasel information about the other links in the relay. This is done using the Account Name field where you enter <your account>/<your ISP's server>@<PC-Cillin's POP3 service>

For example:
  1. Edit the account settings in your e-mail client.
  2. The "Incoming mail server" field should contain "" and the "Account Name" field will have the PC-Cillin pattern <account name>/<ISP>.
  3. Change the POP3 server to "" and add "@" to the end of the account name.
Example settings screen in Microsoft Outlook Express:

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