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SpamWeasel Support Issues

Q. Does SpamWeasel work with MSN?
A. This depends on which version of SpamWeasel you're using, and which country you're in.

In the UK MSN appears to use standard POP3. If your POP3 server is pop3.freewebisp.co.uk then you should have no problems.

Users in the U.S. will find that MSN uses a proprietary encryption process for login.

You'll need to follow the FAQ for setting up your e-mail client with SpamWeasel, then and add "$MSN" to the end of the account field (e.g. account_name@pop3.email.msn.com$MSN). You must also turn off the encrypted login option in your e-mail client.

SpamWeasel MSN setup in Outlook Express

Note: Make sure that you uncheck the box "Log on using Secure Password Authentication". This will not effect the security of your connection, as SpamWeasel itself will use Secure Password Authentication to connect to the server.

MSN in other countries
Users outside the U.K./U.S. should let us know of any problems logging on to MSN and we'll look into it.

For information on which accounts SpamWeasel does work with, click here

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