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Q. How do I create a "Friendly Subject Patterns" rule in SpamWeasel?
A. Some news groups and mailing lists send e-mails where the Subject field always contains a specific word or pattern. To take advantage of this you can use the "Friendly Subject Patterns" rule. SpamWeasel version 1.0.16+ has this rule pre-defined, but if you're using an earlier version of SpamWeasel you can create your own.

  1. Go to "C:\Program Files\SpamWeasel\spamfltr\"
  2. There you'll find a file called "userpre.sfr", double-click on this, and open it with Notepad.
  3. You can add your own rules to this file, you can add the following script which will scan the subject for "Friendly Subject Patterns", just add this to the end of the file:

    // -------------------------------------------------------------------
    #rule "Pass if Subject listed in 'Friendly Subject Patterns'"
    // This rule checks the mail Subject: field and marks the mail as
    // Not Spam if the subject is listed in the 'Friendly Subject Patterns'
    // pattern list.

    field$ = HeaderFieldValue("Subject")
    if MatchesListItem("Friendly Subject Patterns",field$) then


    // -------------------------------------------------------------------

  4. Save the file
  5. Open up Notepad, and type the following:

    [whatever the friendly subject words are]

  6. Now save this file in "C:\Program Files\SpamWeasel\spamfltr\" and give it the name "Friendly Subject Patterns.wrd".
If you now exit and re-start SpamWeasel, you'll see the rule "Pass if Subject listed in 'Friendly Subject Patterns'" at the top of the list. If you click on the "Words" tab, you'll also see the "Friendly Subject Patterns" list which you can add to.

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