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SpamWeasel Support Issues

Q. How can I identify specific attachments in an e-mail?
A. SpamWeasel comes with a rule titled "Check mail body for 'Undesirable Attachment Marks'", which will parse a list of whatever attachment types you define, and will mark any messages containing these attachments as spam.

If an e-mail was sent to you with an attached file named "putty.exe", the e-mail will contain a line identifying it such as:

Content-Type: application/x-msdownload; name="putty.exe"

If you edit the "Undesirable Attachment Marks" list (On the Patterns tab), you'll see some predefined patterns for specific atachments, e.g.:


To create a pattern that will catch any executable files, you can add a line:


Note: The "_" character specifies that the pattern will only be matched if it's found on a single line within the e-mail. For example, _*name="*.exe"* will only return a match if the strings name=" and .exe" occur on a single line.

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