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Q. How can I configure SpamWeasel Pro to work best for me?
A. SpamWeasel Pro will check each e-mail against a set of rules, to identify spam or non-spam messages. You can give each of these rules a spam rating (from 0-10), and the total rating of a mail will increase with each rule that it fails against. You can also set different actions to be performed depending on the rating range. Some rules search against lists of words/patterns which you can edit according to your requirements.

The Rule tab
Double-click on the SpamWeasel icon in the system tray and click on the Rules tab. You'll see that each rule has a rating level over to the right of the screen. Right-clicking on the rating level for a rule will increase the value, and left-clicking will decrease it (if you hold down the mouse button then it will increase/decrease more rapidly).

You can set a higher rating for rules that you're confident are correctly detecting spam/not spam, and a lower rating for rules that you trust less. You can set the higher rated rules to delete mail, and the lower rated rules to allow through modifying the subject (described in The Rating tab section below).

Rules are checked in order of the list on the Rules tab, from top to bottom. If an e-mail being checked fails against a rule, the rating value given to that rule will be added to the total rating for that e-mail. If the rating for the e-mail reaches the maximum of 10, further processing will stop, as it has reached the highest value.
If a rule is set to "Pass", then a match will cause all processing to stop, and the e-mail will be sent through immediately with a spam rating of "0".

Note: The set of rules that are pre-configured in SpamWeasel are partly to detect spam out-of-the box, but are also there to provide examples. You'll need to carefully examine each rule in turn, and decide if you require it, and which rating you wish to give it.

The Rating tab
Click on the Rating tab, you'll see that there are five rating bandings, the borders of which can be adjusted to cover different rating levels. The actions for each rating band can be changed by clicking on the button below them that has the same color as the rating band.

The following actions can be performed on an e-mail for each rating band:
  1. "Allow message through", which allows the message to be passed through - which you will need to do if you use the "Modify subject" option (below). If you don't want spam mail passed through at all then you can un-check this option and it will be deleted.

  2. "Modify subject", which allows you to add text to the subject field of any e-mail (e.g. stating the rating band that the e-mail reached). If you don't want to add text to the subject field then you can un-check this option.

  3. "Archive message to", which allows a copy of the spam mail to be kept in the specified directory. If you don't wish to keep an archive just uncheck the box.

  4. "Create/Add to per collection report email", which allows a detailed report mail to be sent to your inbox with each collection, useful when tuning rules/ratings to your requirements.
The Patterns and Words tabs
If you click on the Patterns or Words tabs, you'll find that you can edit the lists that rules use to check against. Feel free to add or delete information from these lists according to your requirements.

It is recommended that you make sure the rule "Pass if FROM listed in 'Friendly From Addresses'" is enabled. You can add a list of non-spam addresses to the "Friendly From Addresses" list, this is on the Patterns tab. Any addresses listed in the "Friendly From Addresses" list will automatically be passed through with a rating of "0".

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