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SpamWeasel Support Issues

Q. Can SpamWeasel automatically bounce spam mail?
A. For a number of reasons we will not be adding auto-bounce back into SpamWeasel. Enabling SpamWeasel to be able to send bounces would require a lot of development and many more user settings, auto-bouncing is also not a very good idea due to the following reasons:
  1. It creates more spam data making the Net slower and slower.

  2. A number of spammers send test mails to see if an address is active. If you reply, even automatically, it indicates that the address is alive so they can sell it - you get more spam!

  3. Some spammers simply set their system to junk returns - so it's a waste of time.

  4. Many spammers will set up a free Web-based mail account to collect your bounce messages, usually these accounts will become overloaded rapidly meaning that your bounce-message will be bounced back to you again - more unwanted mail (and a loop of sending bounce messages could occur).

  5. Pro Spammers create fake mail headers so the bounce does not go to them anyway. In the worst cases they use someone elses details which means that innocent users get hit by all the bounces. How would you like it if they then bounced back to you!

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