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SpamWeasel Pro - free spam filter

SpamWeasel Pro for all your spam busting needs

The damage done by spammers includes invasion of privacy as well as the time and resource costs of downloading, identifying and deleting spam mail.

This free professional anti-spam utility takes a radical step forward by adopting highly advanced and powerful techniques for identifying and handling spam mail. It sits in front of your e-mail client or POP3 mail server and reads only as much of each mail as it needs to in order to decide whether to pass it directly to you inbox, archive it for future review, or delete it outright. It saves your valuable time and resources by invisibly intercepting and sorting all your mail as it arrives, as well as reducing intrusive spam mail.

Note: As SpamWeasel Pro is free, it is also unsupported.

Powerful and Flexible
SpamWeasel Pro automatically ranks each message received according to the cumulative number of spam penalty points awarded by the rules, with optional outcomes such as: passing mail direct to the inbox; passing and labeling it as probable spam; archiving it unseen; or deleting it outright. Archived mail can be auto-deleted after a preset period.

You can set the number of penalty points awarded by each preset rule or if you prefer you can let SpamWeasel Pro decide this for you. You can also add to and edit the lists which rules consult, such as spam words, spam phrases, spam 'from' addresses, etc.

You can turn rules on and off and even write new rules for catching spam using existing rules as templates, modifying them with the help of comprehensive online documentation. We give you worked examples of the rules and rule writing in action in the guide 'Using SpamWeasel Pro' available from the download area.

Archived mail management
Archived mail is contained in date-ordered lists, easily opened and reviewed, and can be sorted by From, To, Subject and Date fields. Mis-classified items can be returned to the inbox using drag and drop. An 'Add Info' facility readily allows you to add From: addresses and Subject: fields to your filter.

In conclusion...
This program is designed for the Internet mail user who wants the power and flexibility of a professional anti-spam product completely free of charge. It works across any connection including ADSL, ISDN and PSTN dialup lines. If you have a POP3 mailbox and a connection to the Internet SpamWeasel Pro is the anti-spam product for you.

  • Easy to install
  • Powerful spam-busting rules with cumulative points ratings
  • Full archive viewing & mail management
  • Free of charge but highly effective
  • Works in any POP3 environment across any connection
  • Sits in front of your mail server or email client
Join the hundreds of thousands of satisfied users of Mailgate software products worldwide and download this new spam control utility now.

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